Wednesday, September 16, 2009

13/14#My space/ Facebook

These are great tools to find lost friends and keep in touch with both friends who are close or far away. I like that you can connect to blogs, add music to your site at My space. I also like that through these places you can link to other activities and games. I enjoy sending smiles and flowers etc on my own Facebook Account.

It is great to see libraries embracing my space to get younger people involved and interacting with libraries.

I like using Facebook - personally as I do not download alot of videos, music or read alot of blogs so Myspace is really not for me at this time.

I can see how My Space could be used to link class members together or have classes blog, comment etc on work and life. Although as I work with yound chn I would not use it now.

# 12 Flickr

Flickr is a great tool to use especially to create different things and somewhere to store photos although need to ensure that they are ones you are happy for everyone to see whether or not you make them public.

# 12 - Flickr - Herbert the Wonder Turtle

Herbert the Wonder Turtle, originally uploaded by smellyknee.

This is such a lovely picture and reminds us all that we are co-carers for the wonderful creations of the earth.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#Library Thing

I really enjoyed using Librarything. It is a good way to find books as well as connect with others reading the same type of books as you. I loved that just by searching you could find the exact copy of the book you have. Also going by author can help you find others by that author if you were unsure of other books he/she has written.

My link to my own librarything page is-

It was also interesting to see how popular the different books were that I choose to put on there. At least I know I am not the only one reading these books out there.
May get on line in holidays to do some discussing of books.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

#image Generators

These are great, I can see me spending some holiday time using these especially the BigHugeLabs site to make some motivation pictures using my children's own pictures. Also liked the comic Generator. This is one of the ones I had a go at creating. Also used Cool text - a good way to add more heading types to your work.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

# Virually online

There is certainly a lot out there but I must say I seem to have little time in the real world to get things done let alone trying to have two lives. It would be fun to have a go at second live just simply to create your own home and look around to see what others can do with their imagination. I think I will spend some time in it during the school holidays when all my work is done and I have no where else to be - like the beach, swimming, talking face to face with real people.

#8- igoogle

IGoogle is a blast. You could spend hours adding games etc. The themes are awesome you can change it to fit your mood each day or week. Its handing for placing all the things you like to use daily or weekly even monthly in one spot. The minimising button helps keep the page from being to cluttered. Being able to move the boxes is great it enables you to place the ones you use more regularly at top and the ones you may only use occasionally down the bottom.
If I had the brains I think it would be great to work for google - free food, a gym, no uniforms although I am sure they would need to produce TOP ideas to stay there.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#Google Books

This is a great tool to find books. As with google search the more info you give the better the search. I could see it being used to find books in a hurry and those you really want to get your hands on.

#6 Google Maps

Had fun travelling from my house down the road on the map. It was good to find places that are around your area. Need to ensure in the right country. Liked the side info given. Like Google Earth for aerial views but this is good to find areas and way to get from place to place before you go.

#5 Google Doc

This is a great alternative to using Microsoft if you can not afford it. I found it easy to use especially as it looks and works similarly to Word. It was fun to play with the word doc and presentation aspects of Doc. The spreadsheet was fine but I do not use it alot. In presentations loved some of the slide designs. I would like to be able to use diffferent slides in the same presentation but was unable to work out hoe to do this although I could change individual backgrounds.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#4 What is this Web2.0 business

It was interesting to read how Web 2.0 came about and some of the changes that the Internet literate have ween as changes. Personally its all still very confusing and I will stick to using the items I need. Although I will try to investgate thungs that catch my attention.

It was also interesting to see where someone sees the Internet in relation to Eduation as I am a teacher. Even though it was aimed at collages I thought some of it could be benefical to us in the primary part of education. I know we try to use what we know and can access now like Google maps, Google Earth and just the tools on Google search. So much out there for us and the children to discover and use.